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The Penguin

Long-time Fort Worth resident and fourth-generation trailblazer Carter Johnson, great granddaughter of Amon G. Carter Sr., has launched the  penguin, a revolutionary, blade-free alternative for opening packages, boxes, and sealed containers of all kinds.

Manufactured in the United States with a forged-metal design, the Penguin glides quickly and easily through all manner of protective coverings, boxes and tamper resistant seals without frustration or risk of injury from a sharp tool or blade.

Sober since 2016, Johnson envisioned the idea while receiving treatment in a residential treatment center. Every day Johnson watched nurses  struggle to remove medications from numerous, individually sealed blister packages, but with no sharp objects such as scissors available, there was no fast, efficient way to open the seals. As a result, dispensing medications was slow and often resulted in frustration by both the nurses and the patients.

Johnson’s entrepreneurial legacy drove her vision of a simple and safe way to open seals and the Penguin was born. With an innovative, patent-pending design, the Penguin is the first product of it’s kind to address this common problem. With three sizes available from $7.99 to $9.99, the Penguin is much more sanitary than using your fingers, hands or teeth, allowing a safe, convenient, and playful way to open almost anything.

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